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I’m a twenty something girl who discovered that I’m aro ace earlier this year. I have never had an interest in dating or had any crushes. Around a year or so ago before I knew about aromanticism, I had pretty much made peace with the fact that I probably wasn’t going to be the relationship/ get married type. So once I started researching asexuality and aromanticism, I knew it fit me. I still have moments of wishing I wanted romance and marriage because I enjoy it in movies and such but it’s not for me. I’m on AVEN too but I never see that much aro talk on there so I found this forum. 

A little bit about me

 My username is a Good Place reference. It’s one of my favorite tv shows. I am a pastry chef. I like vintage fashion and I’ve been slowly working on adding it into my style. I love animals and I have two wonderful doggos. 

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Welcome to the community. :) Since you're a pastry chef, you may appreciate this food-related welcome gift of aro ice cream: :aroicecream:

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