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I figured it would be a good idea to make a thread where people can post about various things the aro community is doing during pride month this year, especially since a lot of pride is occurring online this year.  I'm gonna start off posting a few things I know about and I encourage other people to post links to other things they know are happening.


  • aromantic-official on tumblr will be having weekly prompts, as seen in this post.  They'll post with more specific prompts on the themes each week.
  • Aggressively arospec week will be from June 21st-27th and will be hosted on both tumblr and twitter, as seen in this post.  It is a "week long event promoting creation of arospec fancontent by arospec creators".


I'll post more things as I see them throughout the month and I encourage others to post things as well, to help facilitate the spread of information in a centralized location.  Happy Pride month everyone!

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AUREA is hosting a creative works event also: Aromantics Create Pride. It is our intention to boost the work of aromantics while also ensuring people get a positive comments and attention for their work. Just a simple: create a thing, praise a few things, and get some praise for your thing in return. 

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Posted (edited)

For anyone interested in more aro pride events,  TAAAP is hosting a series of joint aro and ace pride chats! You can find the full list (and more details) here: https://taaap.org/pride-chats/

  • Saturday June 6th - Ace and Aro Pride
  • Sunday June 7th - Representation in the Media
  • Saturday June 13th - Aro and Ace Identities
  • Sunday June 14th - Sex and Relationships (of all kinds!)
  • Saturday June 20th - Intersections with Other Identities
  • Sunday June 21st - Gender
  • Saturday June 27th - Issues Aces and Aros Face
  • Sunday June 28th - Activism and Community Building


Also, while not strictly pride related, if people are looking for aro things to do this month, the Carnival of Aros is looking for submissions on the theme of "Most Precious"!

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