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What is gender?


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On 12/3/2019 at 4:06 AM, nonmerci said:
  1. How would you define gender?
  2. Does it matters to you? Why?
  3. How do you know what gender you are?
  4. For genderfluid people, how does it works? (sorry, I think that's what I understand the least, but I hope you can clear things to me)

1. I define gender as,  a person's internal sense of being male, female, some combination of both, or neither.


2. Does it matter to me? not any more. it used to, when I identified as female, but now that I've "changed my mind" for lack of better words, and identify as nonbinary, gender isn't important to me anymore.

3. I knew I was female because I felt desire to be like other females, I had female role models, and I wanted to be female. I also wished I had been born female. Now on the other hand, I know I'm non binary because I don't want to be either gender. Being female depressed me, and being male just isn't who I am. I also consider myself demiguy, someone who is partially male. I feel that way because my body looks male, and my gender wants to match my body. I don't otherwise feel attached to maleness. 


4. I used to think I was genderfluid, because in my life I identified as male, then as agender, then as female, and then again as male, and then as nonbinary. But I relized that the change was due to my understanding of myself and my gender, it wasn't a change that came naturally. I wish I were female, and that desire makes me trans, but I identify as nonbinary. in the process of understanding who I was, different feelings of gender manifested. those feelings of gender, changing, came from how I understood myself, where the understanding caused identity feelings. So I don't know much about what makes someone genderfluid, but I know what I feel it isn't for me; it isn't one's understanding of one's gender changing or updating.

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