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True or False, The person below me Game


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True! Merida is an arrowace icon!

tbpm still feels like a kid

@BlueKumul Are we allowed to go more than once?

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Somehow yes, i do a lot childish stuff/games with my friends. Ok, I'm no adult bc im still in high school but yeah... When I were younger I thought I would already act more like a grown-up now.

tpbm hates wasps 

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22 hours ago, roboticanary said:

not sure about mobile, but on desktop scroll to the bottom of the screen and look at the centre. There should be a theme drop down menu next to the Contact Us button.

yes, indeed, and very noticeable … how embarrassing! Never scrolled down there.

13 hours ago, Ace Bookdragon said:


TPBM has ridden a horse before

True, ONCE at the age of 10. I’m not very impressed by those animals, though…

TPBM visited an island larger than 100,000 km² (Greenland, New Guinea, Borneo , Madagascar, Baffin Island, Sumatra, Honshū, Victoria Island, Great Britain, Ellesmere Island, Sulawesi, South Island New Zealand, Java, North Island New Zealand, Luzon, Newfoundland, Cuba, Iceland).

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