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True or False, The person below me Game

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False (I'm a bad human being... But I read fanfiction instead so that gotta count for something?) TPBM has a good sleep schedule

correct! My favorite is cherry chocolate chip from Braum's!   TPBM has also descended into an Among Us obsession

True, I've had an Ace of Spades card on display on my desk for a few years, it's been there since before I even knew what aromantic or asexual meant, I just thought it looked cool since Ace of Spades

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False. I know a few words, but not enough to say I know french. 


TPBM likes spicy foods. 

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As of the very second TPBM is reading this, they have already figured out what to write next for their question.

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False, I am a mess with chopsticks but I always try to eat sushi with them

TPBM has touched a snake before or want to touch one

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