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Hallo from Germany

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I'm an Aro/Ace from Germany who just discovered that there is an aromantic equivalent to AVEN. 

I'm Agender and prefer to use they/them pronouns but feel free to use neopronouns as well. 

I've been identifying as Asexual for one and a half years, as Agender for shortly over a year and as Aromantic for just about a year now. 

Uh, what else is there to tell? I'm sixteen years old, currently in school and I love reading. I write fanfiction. I'm vegetarian. 

Nice to meet you all! 



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Hallo from Germany back :D.
A triple A, yay 😎. I'm happy you've found your way to our community and I'm confident you'll find a lot of like-minded people here.
Wish you a great time and many good conversations :aroicecream:.

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