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Ideal living situation.


Ideal living arrangement  

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On 12/27/2021 at 3:37 AM, aro_elise said:

but i would also love to live with my best friend at some point.  she's actually looking for an apartment and invited me to live with her and i sadly had to decline because i can't pass up living rent-free.  but sometime.

update: we got an apartment!  changed my mind, i really miss the city and i want to live with her and decided it was worth the extortionate amount of money.  our move-in date is august 16th and we're so happy.

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So, this is an interesting one. Short version is with one other person not sharing bed/sleeping space.

potential warnings for mental health


The long answer is I am a massive introvert and so "As the only adult" is generally the most appealling. However, depression is a bitch. I have found that not interacting with friends in person for more than about month is detremental to my health. I know myself well enough now to recognise the signs for the most part, and I am able to arrange to meet someone in person, but living alone would still not be good for me. Living with someone gives me a reason to interact with someone in person. If that person is a good friend, they also understand that I am introverted, and that I am generally happy to be alone, and give me the space I need.


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