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Songs that mean a lot to you?


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I don't listen to music so much any more, but these are a few that still have some kind of meaning to me, mostly older stuff by MeatLoaf (I know, I'm weird/old skool xD)

Read 'em and Weep and It Just Won't Quit, MeatLoaf

Total Eclipse of the Heart, Bonnie Tyler

Making Love Out of Nothing At All, Air Supply

Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now, Starship

Helena, MCR


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This song means a lot to me.

<emotional outpourings>



So, to me, it's a song about how some Western cultural ideals that had a fair amount going for them (the Greek philosophers and mathematicians, the enlightenment political philosophers and scientists, etc.) got all twisted out of shape and fucked up somewhere along the road ('cos "what we loved was not enough"). And now, they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind (the Old Testament metaphor seems appropriate here, given the band name and Efrim - the singer - being Jewish (well, culturally at least - he's an atheist)). A.K.A. we're in for some bad shit this century.


That 'whirlwind' is progressively denominated over the duration of the song's second half, culminating in the expression of the fear that "all our children gonna die" (which is all the more more potent when you know the band history here - see below quote). And then the song is sort of ending on the question "Well what now?" ("but kiss it quick and rise again") - what's next, after this colossal juggernaut of human stupidity we're currently riding has finally crashed and spent all of its millenia accumulated momentum?


Around the time I was listening to this song a lot, I was kind of going out of my mind reading a ton of stuff online about climate change and suchforth and how (much more) fucked everything most likely was going to be. And it was extremely helpful to me to know that somewhere out there some humans were feeling something like whatever complicated mess of feelings I was feeling - and had encapsulated the raw emotional response to it within their art. Also, instrumentally, it sounds fucking awesome!:arolove:


I'll shut up now and let Efrim explain to you what it's about:


The tune with the cities burning, “What We Loved Was Not Enough,” that’s a heavy tune, and I feel a little uncomfortable about it. That tune—really all it’s about is being a new father and looking at the world and being fucking horrified. You think you’re horrified, and then you have a kid, and then you’re triply horrified, because you have this innocent little creature that in a few years, you’re going to say “Yeah, go, good luck with that.” So that song is written in the past tense because that song is a sort of lament about, Yeah, things are really fucked. And the song is ultimately concerning itself with this really complicated idea that the West is done, the West is over, and the only way the West is going to find ascendancy is to acknowledge that it’s over, and that’s going to be a fucking mess. And that’s a complicated idea.



</emotional outpourings>


@LunarSeas I approve of your song choices :) 👍

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Here's a few more:


Waiting For The Miracle (Leonard Cohen)

After The Goldrush (Neil Young)

How To Disappear Completely (Radiohead)

Undo (Bjork)

Ameila (Joni Mitchell)

It's Alright Ma (Bob Dylan)

Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush)

Hazey Jane I (Nick Drake)

Ribs (Lorde)

If Children Were Wishes (Wye Oak)

Skin (Grimes - thanks go to @DeltaV for introducing me to Grimes on these very forums! ;) )

Bankrupt On Selling (Modest Mouse)

The Desparate Kindom of Love (PJ Harvey)


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I recently listened to this song called, "Better by Myself" by Hey Violet. There are numerous ways I can relate to the lyrics.

"Reflection" from Mulan is also another one I enjoy.

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