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Introducing Myself

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Hello everybody. I currently think I'm demiromantic. For a bit in high school I thought I was aromantic, which I actually came up with on my own and only found out was a thing other people said later. About a year and a half ago a friend of mine told me about demiromantacism. I didn't exactly take it well.


Anyway, now I'm here.

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Thank you everyone.


Not taking it well means feeling more suicidal than I normally did at that point. The best way I have come up with for describing it is imagine that for awhile you have not been feeling well. You keep telling yourself that you're fine. Maybe if you get some more sleep you'll feel better. Then the doctor tells you that you are really sick. What was once ignorable and easy to have vague hope for the future becomes a lot less so.


Edit: I feel like I should clarify that I feel better about it now. It just took awhile.

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So you felt like demiromanticism was sort of twisting the knife into your already there depression ? (If I understand correctly?) I'm glad you feel better. It must have been an awful experience.

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Welcome to Arocalypse! The realization isn't always a comforting one, but it's good to hear that you're feeling better now.


Enjoy your customary theme-appropriate ice cream!



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