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The Bacon game


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16 minutes ago, Zemaddog said:

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Bacon. 


Now we know what the Basilisk had been feeding on all those years.

It wouldn't take much bacon either. Most reptiles don't eat anywhere near as much total food as mammals do because they don't spend energy manufacturing their own body heat. 

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 If you really want to become addicted to pigs, Memphis-style barbecue is WAY more tempting than regular bacon. To me anyway. Maybe I think that because I'm a Southerner myself, but that doesn't make it less true.

Also, when I say barbecue, I don't mean Texas or Kansas style. Especially not anything involving a grill. I mean pulled pork that has been cooked in a closed chamber on low heat for at least twelve hours. 


If someone gives you pulled pork and it needs sauce to go with it, they didn't do it right.


Lol ive been vegetarian for three years why am I talking

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