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Mwek mwek why am I here '._.

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Ummhh... well, helloy you little persons here '^-^

I'm not very good at introducing myself, but long story short: Nice to be here, I'm little dinosaur who is hoping that he isn't wrong at identifying herself as Aro-Ace. I'm may young, at highschool now, very introvert (and very much lonely IRL). Hope that I'm welcome in the community ^-^


Icecream? :aroicecream: :|

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Nothing wrong with identifying as ace/aro, even if you think it could change. It can seem wrong because maybe someday you (or I) will feel attracted to someone, but using a label for your experiences up until now is totally valid. I've found it to be a helpful way of understanding and communicating my experiences and finding others who share them!


Have some ace cream :aroicecream: *ahem* ice cream :icecream:

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