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  1. Hello, today I bring wonder... and opinions... As you can tell I am a guy... I have run into a certain problem a couple times... I have been married for (x<6) years. I met my wife in HS dated and eventually got married. Of course what marriage is perfect but I ran into problems. she couldn’t trust me (I would either be with her, at work, or with my best friend which I would send pics of to show her I wasn’t doing anything), would always cause me of cheating, we would fight everyday, and go on spurts where we wouldn’t even talk to one another. So one day I had enough said we were getting divorced and I had enough. After about a month of fighting, I decided I still had feelings for her. So we got back together and things seemed to get better. But during the month apart I had met someone but the person ended up was dating some. Anyways it kind of opened up mu eyes on the world. My wife was one of the first actual relationships. I was and am still young. Anyways back to the issue. I find myself questioning my marriage. Was it because she was one of my first “true love” or do I actually love her... i run into people that that I work with or old friends and it feels like I can be myself around them, I feel as if I wasn’t married that things would work out (hyperthetically speaking) better then things are now in my situation. I catch myself, getting to close to people but it feels as if it feels more right with them than my own marriage. Now I know you’re gonna go back and say hey your wife was right to think your cheating but I swear on the Bible I have not once cheated. I am a talkative person when I make friends. So what is some advice you can give?
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