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  1. Just wanted to say I really relate to this. When I first found the term aromantic, it applied to me perfectly and I thought it would come with feelings of relief of having this part of my identity validated, but instead I just started seeing how the bigger picture in all this is that I'm a person who doesn't have qualities worth being awake to live. There's nothing in me that wants anything. I wonder if there's a god, what kind of god would put someone on Earth who shouldn't be here.
  2. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/06/30/opinion/the-supreme-courts-lonely-hearts-club.html 2015 piece on how marriage and long term romantic relationships are put on the ultimate pedestal for no good reason. There's acknowledgement of asexual and aromantic people in this piece if you squint but I think it's still a great read. Too many points to preview so I just went with the first paragraph.
  3. My line of thinking used to be exactly this. I thought because I would be forever alone and die a virgin, then my other option would be to adopt, but the idea of adopting seemed stupid because it didn’t seem very mom-like to basically be a maxed-out child trying to raising a kid. I'm gonna help my best friend raise her kids now though.
  4. Sherlock, the BBC series. Even in the books Sherlock never even entertains the thought of having a romantic partner. It's the same in the show. And besides all that, Sherlock is like top tier television.
  5. Some of the topics on this forum have made me think about how I've always easily been indifferent to romance in media (which is like, all of any type of media), but then it devastates me when all I can do is sit through conversations my friends have about romantic love. My favorite music genre is R&B and I ship fictional couples all the time. I should probably be thankful not everything crushes my soul in that same way.
  6. Posted this on facebook. Only person I've ever discussed aromanticism with is my best friend.
  7. I'm moving there pretty soon and would like to make friends.
  8. I've been obsessed with Shikamaru and Temari for over ten years now lol. After them then it's Itachi and Sasuke for sure.
  9. For me it's more like me: *is distressed* Mom: Did a boy do this to you?
  10. Spoilers for the epilogue of Naruto ahead. I really think Sasuke from the manga Naruto is aromantic and asexual. Throughout the series he is noticeably the only person who isn't affected in any way by other people's sexual nudity. The person he feels the most for is his brother. It's the strongest relationship in the entire series, also his driving force. He does eventually get married and have a kid but even with his wife, his display of affection is a poke on the forehead. There's nothing flirtatious about their marriage at all. If you didn't know they were married, they'd just seem like very close serious friends. In the entire series he's never entertained a romantic or sexual thought.
  11. rnb, r&b, rhythm and blues. Now that I'm thinking about it I've definitely never had to describe the sound to anyone before. The wikipedia article is pretty solid though.
  12. Current song of the moment is dRuNk by Zayn I love sustained vocals and background and like... ethereal harmonies, breathy filtered male voices, idk. lol
  13. Hi everyone, I'm Nylese. Came here from reddit where I have the same username. I'm 23, half South half Southeast Asian, female, aro ace, and I go back and forth between where I live now and New Orleans where I'll be moving very soon to be with my queerplatonic life partner and her two babies! I've never really met another aromantic or asexual person. The more I think about it, the more I keep realizing that a ton about me even outside the romance/sex department ties back to being aromantic, and it's been hard having no one to feel that with so I'm pretty excited to possibly make friends here. Interests: Naruto, NBA basketball, Star Trek (TNG and Voyager), Grey's Anatomy, DC Comics, anti-capitalism, anti-racism, feminism, hip hop and rnb
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