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  1. OK , thanks for the info. Do you have an idea when the results are in, are you waiting for enough responses, or enough time has past ?
  2. I watched Soylent Green and E.G. Robinson died so C Heston could find out the truth about people are food.
  3. Every feminist should wait here WTYFD
  4. I took the census, but got no response. Was there meant to be or were we just answering questions for info ?
  5. Raw score 765 Male, masculine, completely at ease with biological sex aka cis.
  6. As an alternative to your thread, I think I could turn the tables. As people get older their world starts to turn outward. Friends reappear from the past after years with just a couple of long term friends. Just a couple of years ago I had 27 friends, some since school in the 60s. Now they are dying one by one, so much so that I have had to buy a black tie especially for these funerals. My friends number 23 now and my mother, who is 85 is not very steady on her feet, but is still a feisty soul. I may end up out living them all, except my mother, she'll out live Cher.
  7. Northern England. The Land of the Prince Bishops. Durham.
  8. I'm perfect, my 85 year old mother says so. So there.
  9. The treaty of Ghent never addessed the impressed sailors from American ships, which was reputedly the cause if the war. From my British viewpoint, most of the sailors were from British ships. American ships paid more, so a number of British sailors absconded, the boardings were to reclaim them. Also, with Britain at war with Napoleon the military forces were fully committed. The only forces were a few regular regiments and trained militia, as well as most of the native Americans under Tecumsa, the only obstacles were the terrain. So a possibility of a land grab was in the offing. Though many American States were neutral, prefering to trade than destructive war. When the Peninsular War was over, the entire well trained and experienced British Army and Navy turned to Canada. The war would probably have been won by Britain with these new forces. This is not meant as a detailed analysis, just a few points not covered in your paper.
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