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  1. This thing turned up in my Dreamwidth subscription page. A comm that initially looked promising- a writing/art fest that would go toward promoting diversity. They even split sexual and romantic orientations. The misstep here (and misstep is putting things lightly) is that they decided to put in a BLEEPing points system for participating. Dead serious, here's a link. I feel that cheapens the message, and am seriously considering a calling out for the admin, and an angry rant on my personal Dreamwidth journal.

    1. Jot-Aro Kujo

      Jot-Aro Kujo

      Wow, what the fuck... Yeah, that's definitely no good. Yikes.

    2. Costati


      Wow yes do that. It's really f**ked. I get that the idea is to motivate people into putting more diversity but that's really wrong. You can't say that some sexual orientations or romantic orientations deserve less points than others. Strangely it mostly bothers me for mental disorder. Because I guess for the other things I can understand a bit it's about representation but for mental disorder it's honestly insulting it's like saying someone with OCD, anxiety or PTSD struggles less than someone with an eating disorder (and I have all four so I am in a position to say they're all equally making my life hell.) It also varies a lot on the level someone can have a really bad case of OCD in the way it really stop them from functioning healthily when I for example doesn't have it in that form. Same for anxiety. My best friend have really frequent panic attacks and social anxiety when for me it's somatic meaning it creates physical pain and insomnia (and other things) from all the stress that I interiorize. And it's the same for physical disability btw who are they to say that amputation is better than epilepsy. That's so weird. If they want to give people kudos for putting more diversity that's great but put everything on the same score. You can't just judge what deserves more points. I completely get that you're angry. And you really need to at least explain how this is so wrong because I think the author really don't realize the issue because they're stuck in their perspective and how in their heads they're really trying to do their best to motivate people to include more diversity.

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