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  1. You're straightened out into one long wire and can now only do what a wire can do. I wish I had new boots.
  2. I'm not saying that it's ok, merely that it is legal. All of this with the caveat that I am familiar with Federal anti-discrimination law not Massachusetts anti-discrimination law. Due to the time that has passed since the piece was published, I've decided on sending an email to the author rather than a letter to the editor.
  3. I see no reason why it would be illegal. It's a private college. Generally they can do what they want except for discrimination relating to things like race, sex and disability. There are plenty of colleges and universities in the US that ban dating for instance.
  4. I must have missed that too. This really does seem like a terrible idea all around. It's not her job to try to fix everything she thinks is wrong with her student's personal lives. Part of me is planning on writing a strongly worded letter to the editor of the Washington Post about that article.
  5. I had not heard of it but I will include a link to an article at the end of this comment. This sounds messed up. Giving extra credit based on your students' personal lives is just wrong. Really this professor seems like the very model of a judgemental older person complaining about young people. That having been said, I will give her some credit for saying that "[n]ot everybody is called to romantic relationship." She seems to be using date in a non-exclusively romantic way, which is something. Still think that this is an inappropriate assignment for a college philosophy class. htt
  6. There was a bit in highschool where I thought I was aromantic without realizing that was an actual thing. It was just something I came up with on my own. Me finding out I was demi didn't so much change how I saw myself as much as it changed how I saw others. I just thought everyone was like that. I thought people dated people they weren't attracted to all the time and due to societal pressure both people just went along with it as part of an unspoken agreement to pretend like they were. So I guess this was just a long winded way of saying I thought I was a normal straight person an
  7. As a demi I can say that from my perspective, romantic attraction is like pornography. You know it when you see it. I acknowledge that that is not a helpful description.
  8. Me too which seems to put me in good company here. I have had a friend tell me because I'm good at looking at them objectively. Really, I only know two pieces of advice to give: 1) Talk to them about it. 2) Break up with them. In any interpersonal relationship, if you're past the point where talking can help, it's pretty much over.
  9. Thank you everyone. Not taking it well means feeling more suicidal than I normally did at that point. The best way I have come up with for describing it is imagine that for awhile you have not been feeling well. You keep telling yourself that you're fine. Maybe if you get some more sleep you'll feel better. Then the doctor tells you that you are really sick. What was once ignorable and easy to have vague hope for the future becomes a lot less so. Edit: I feel like I should clarify that I feel better about it now. It just took awhile.
  10. Hello everybody. I currently think I'm demiromantic. For a bit in high school I thought I was aromantic, which I actually came up with on my own and only found out was a thing other people said later. About a year and a half ago a friend of mine told me about demiromantacism. I didn't exactly take it well. Anyway, now I'm here.
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