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  1. When your look-alike Mii on Tomodachi life somehow end up dating another mii when you thought they would get rejected and you can't delete your save cause it's a really nice island so far and you're just waiting it out for your mii and that mii to break up and never put your mii in a relationship again... Just me?
  2. YMBAI You never had any clue what dating was about or if you just disliked romance in media in general.
  3. So I realized just last year, on Valentines day of 2017, that I was aromantic. All my life, I've never felt too comfortable viewing romantic things/ couples on tv and media. I preferred things with action, adventure, and comedy. Not the kissy-smooshy scenes in old romantic movies and all that jazz. As I got older, I was quite a confused basket case. Didn't know who I was, didn't know who I liked. Well, now I know who I am. And I know that I don't like anyone. Let's start at the beginning of my journey: Eighth grade middle school. Whoo boy, this was a bit of a hectic ride. I was roleplaying with a fried of mine and he asked me out text: 'do you want to go out with me'. I of course was confused and nervous, but agreed cause I had no idea what else to do in that situation. Well, word spread and I was asked out by two other guys, one a very good friend from Special ED and another from my science class. I turned those two down and would've started dating the first guy if a certain friend of mine hadn't told him to back off because they were afraid that he was going to hurt me. I was a little salty about that exchange, but am now glad to have never dated him, cause it wouldn't have gone anywhere. Now onto sophomore year of high school: I was asked out by a freshmen that had been recently added to our friend group. I told him that I've never dated before and didn't know what the expect. So we 'practice dated'...I know, seems as bad as it sounds. This guy certainly wasn't the right pick for me anyways. I hated holding his hand and hanging around him cause he was one hell of a weeaboo and wouldn't shut up about my little pony. At the end of the week, I broke it off with him. And finally: our last step onto this long road. Valentines day, 2017. We had another member join our friend group, let's call her Ray. Now, Ray was already good friends with me, we bonded over scary things and...bl (I'm not into it anymore, thank fuck) and she popped the question at me after giving me several gifts: Candy, a stuffed teddy bear (I still have it cause it's adorable, I hold no sentimental value towards it) and a glass rose (still have it, probably gonna sell it or give it away some day) Like the first incident, I had no idea what to do in this situation, so I said 'yes'. Not 24 hours later, more like 5 to 6 hours after that question, I realized that I had fucked up big time! I immediately texted Ray and told her that I wasn't going to be comfortable in this type of relationship. She was fine with it, and the next day, all my friends are calling me 'a dick' and 'cold'. I joked with them that I wasn't. And then one of my friends suggested that I could be aromantic. I thought that that was absurd, but then I looked more into it and realized that this all clicked for me! I found out who I was (granted the road to acceptance has been a bit bumpy and I thought I actually felt romantic attraction at some points when it was actually platonic attraction). And yeah, that's my story!
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