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  1. then why is it called "default"?
  2. wow that looks ugly on the dark theme
  3. Zema

    Me too!

    Thanks! And yeah that's exactly what I had intended its usage to be.
  4. and we're back to our regular programming
  5. you don't even have eyes, how can you <.< me?
  6. i should probably learn how to to that too. i'm super terrible at it.
  7. are they not allowed to change their avatar?
  8. Zema

    Me too!

    If this is going to be a thread for suggesting reactions then my suggestions are angry and wow react . We already have the emoticons: and so they should be simple enough to implement.
  9. I'm in this facebook group called "confessions" where people post confessions. And every time someone posts about relationship drama in there I roll my eyes. This happens quite often. I'd post this in there but I don't want to offend anyone.
  10. Do you feel better now that it's fixed?
  11. i think there's been a glitch @Arocalypse, your profile says you're 149 years old
  12. i have no idea what you mean
  13. no, not all computers can do that
  14. imagine a red dot and a blue dot next to each other. It's possible to see them simultaneously is it not? same logic would apply to you seeing all the themes simultaneously.
  15. since you're a machine, can't you do multiple things at once? Like viewing all the themes at once?
  16. you tell me. i thought you didn't even have eyes
  17. shouldn't you be able to see all themes simultaneously @Arocalypse
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