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  1. Here is my voice. A few little stabs here in there, but it's all in good fun. http://vocaroo.com/i/s1dPlr4o8LOY This was also a test to see if this mic was good enough quality to do a voice recording for a group project for uni. I just need to narrate a script for the video we have to make. And yes i really did record my voice then forget to save the link, i just closed the tab and didn't realise what i had done for about 5 minutes.
  2. Zema

    Cute things!

    OK here it is: I'm really terrible at filming things. Also sorry for the black bars on the side! I filmed it on my phone upright! That's a mistake i'll never make again
  3. Zema

    Cute things!

    If anyone wants to see a video of my dog barking at a feather, i'd be more than happy to share it.
  4. I've been listening to an album called, "Caps on, Hats off" by bossfight recently. It's pretty good, here are a couple of my favourite tracks from it: and I definitely prefer music that has no singing in it. Especially chiptune, because it has a high focus on melody and counter melody. And i mean just the idea of it, music made on a gameboy (or two). How does that not sound like pure awesome?
  5. Zema


    I have a couple that i can remember which are pretty wacky. In one of them the moon was destroyed for some unknown reason. But for some reason everyone knew that it was going to happen, and instead of panicking, everyone was just really bummed out that the moon was gone. Sort of like, "aww i miss the moon" sort of thing. This next one is definitely the strangest dream i've ever had. So we were playing soccer for some reason, and then there was an alien. And then for some reason we spliced the genes of it and another creature to make like the perfect being or something. It looked sort of like a brain with legs that made it look similar to a spider, and it was about human size. Anyway, it lived with us for a while, but then it decided it would take over the world. So it produced 20 offspring asexually (totally no correlation with the fact that i'm asexual) and they all ran away and hid. After realising what was happening, we subsequently bashed the creature to death. But we weren't done yet, we still had to hunt for it's 20 offspring, and they looked almost identical to spiders because they were the same size. But they had one key difference, they only had 6 legs. So we find the first one and try to crush it to death, but that didn't work it was still alive. So then, dream logic, we had blowtorches and we torched it to death. And that killed it. The rest of the dream was just us hunting the rest of the creatures offspring.
  6. I found it through AVEN. The funny thing is though, i've been lurking on AVEN for the past year or so without making an account, but when I saw a post about this, i thought i would check it out and make an account. Dunno if i'll ever make an account on AVEN. I find it fun to read though.
  7. I definitely thought I was straight at first, simply because i thought, "well, i'm not gay, so i must be straight." I think another part of that is that i have been aesthetically attracted to girls, so i thought that that was what crushes felt like. Even though i was perfectly content just viewing them from a distance. The aesthetic attraction definitely confused me for a while cause i went from heterosexual heteromantic (despite never having any interest in sex or romance), then asexual heteromantic, then finally asexual aromantic.
  8. Zema


    Its barely a browser game anymore, considering that chrome doesn't even support flash anymore. it currently has a java client, but they're upgrading to a new client later this year which will boost both graphics and performance. It has definitely come a long way in the past 15 years.
  9. Zema


    Ive been gaming for almost as long as i can remember. One of my first memories is getting pokemon gold on the game boy colour. Recently ive just been playing runescape because it's nice and afkable and easy to play whilst doing uni assignments, or watching YouTube, or even playing other games. Ill definitely be getting dark souls 3 because it comes out in the first week of mid-semester break.
  10. I'll post my voice tomorrow. I've got whole house free for a couple of hours, and i have to record my voice for a group project anyway so i might as well share it with you guys.
  11. I remember when i was about 15 (well before i had even heard of aromanticism) my cousin was telling me about his girlfriend. Now me being the socially awkward person that i am just flat out said,"I don't see the point in having a girlfriend"
  12. I don't specifically get the "when you get married...", but my mum has recently been saying that i have a better chance of getting a girlfriend than my brother simply because there are more girls doing the same uni course as me. Like no, that's not how it works.
  13. Zema


    The spudpocalypse is coming. Do not resist. It is inevitable. .
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