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  1. I was thinking of asking the same question but couldn't think how to include demi/grey-a in the poll. Good work spud.
  2. Woo! Just started mid-semester break. Time to put the "pro" in "procrastination".

    1. Robin


      Excuse me? I have a PhD in Procrastination...at least I would have, but I never bothered to finish it.

  3. I'm 18. And glad that i finished school last year cause i never want to have to deal with that again.
  4. You might be aro if you don't understand the point of romantic relationships.
  5. Zema

    would you rather

    Experience time in reverse motion. I don't think i could handle the first. Would you rather be hyper sensitive to pain or feel no pain at all? Please give a reason for your choice.
  6. You think physics makes sense? Try reading up on quantum mechanics then try to tell me that it makes sense.
  7. Zema

    Cute things!

    Here are some photos of my cat and dog. http://imgur.com/a/rJPUc *Hopes the link works*
  8. Ooh that reminds me of rainbow paddle pops. 2nd greatest ice block behind golden gaytime.
  9. That was me just stating a general trend i have with forums. On another forum i have about half as many posts as on here, but i've been there for 2 and a half years.
  10. My favourite ice cream is rainbow ice cream. The perfect mix of vanilla ice cream and rainbows. Also cookies and cream ice cream. Just, euphoria.
  11. Aww, i was looking forward to hearing the voice of our great leader.
  12. Saw a monster of an insect at uni today. It was 2 inches long and about one and a half cm wide. Had to take a picture of it.

    1. Rising Sun

      Rising Sun

      Wow ! What kind of insect is it ?

    2. DannyFenton123
    3. Zema


      Some kind of giant moth a think.

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  13. Zema

    would you rather

    Die young and healthy. No point living a long life in misery. Building off your other idea spud, WYR be aromantic stuck in a romantic relationship you can't get out of, or romantic but unable to get a romantic relationship?
  14. That's true, i don't have an AVEN account. But i trust you can share your magic with all of your supporters? Pretty please?
  15. A magical potato? No wonder the spudpocalypse is inevitable.
  16. How even do you guys have more than 100 posts? I don't get it
  17. The problem i have is that getting aromantics to define romantic attraction us like telling a person who was blind from birth to define what vision is. It just doesn't work. It reminds me of those arguments on AVEN about the definition of asexual and sexual attraction. A lot of the time it's people trying to describe something they don't experience and it just doesn't work.
  18. Zema

    would you rather

    Swim in a lake. I hate camping. WYR have shoes you can't take off or not be able to wear shoes at all?
  19. Spud challenged chat to pronounce "spudpocarolypses". http://vocaroo.com/i/s0YK0pXR1oR2 This shall be forever immortalised here.
  20. Zema

    would you rather

    Food. I wouldn't be able to go three days without sleep/ WYR be 3' tall or 7' tall?
  21. Haha, yeah i can definitely see that happening. Although from what i've heard americans aren't always the best at judging where an accent is from.
  22. I like your accent too. To me it actually sounds like a strange mix between australian and american. I'd also like to clarify, my username is a compound of three words, "the" with a "z" instead of a "th", "mad" and "dog".
  23. Zema

    would you rather

    Brain freeze every 30 minutes. Less blood that way. Would you rather: be able to understand everyone, but noone be able to understand you; or not be able to understand anyone, but everyone can understand you? (In terms of talking to other people)
  24. Zema

    Cute things!

    No problem, i would share a bunch of photos of my dog (and some of my cat) but that would require me to make an account on an image sharing site. How desperate are you guys to see funny pictures of my dog? I might considerate it if you really want to see them. I actually took some more pictures of my dog about 30 minutes ago as well.
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