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  1. Who uses bing though? Besides my friend who made a vow to use only bing for an entire year on his chromebook. He succeeded in his goal.
  2. Eww says the non-vegetarian. chicken rice?
  3. Zema

    Change one word!

    Basket face. It never said it had to make any sense.
  4. I live in Adelaide, Australia. Gotta love living in that UTC +9:30. I can just breathe in the half hour offset.
  5. Zema

    Change one word!

    ooh shots fired. Anyway: Round spuds
  6. Zema

    Change one word!

    Terrible education
  7. Zema

    would you rather

    Eat a bit too much. I have high metabolism anyway so it wouldn't really effect me too much. WYR go to the moon, or to mars?
  8. I guess this sort of counts. My school made me take a religion class in year 11, which i spent a large amount of time doing stuff like this: https://www.desmos.com/calculator/jgcrm6s2ng
  9. One of my friend's grad quotes was, "If you can't astound them with your intelligence, baffle them with your stupidity." This is a perfect description of him.
  10. Zema

    would you rather

    Read. It's so much more useful. WYR have purple eyes, or each eye be a different colour?
  11. Zema

    would you rather

    Food that i know well. I could never bring myself to eat something if i didn't know what it is, considering i can barely eat things if i do know what it is; besides foods that i know well. How do i put this, basically any food i don't know doesn't look appetizing. WYR always have to do a silly walk, or only have one leg?
  12. Zema

    Change one word!

    Collapsing economy
  13. Zema

    would you rather

    SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!!!!!! WYR have two left feet, or two right feet?
  14. Ew! Deep fried ice cream?
  15. If you'd asked me a few years ago i would have said blue. But now, i like red more. Also black, and colour.
  16. Ew! Chicken schnitzel? The people who don't like cold pizza are the bad ones.
  17. Only one in september so far? That's really strange cause about a third of the people i know in real life are born in september.
  18. Zema


    My brother is playing at the moment. He's putting down his white soapstone for this one boss, but his game is lagging and the boss doesn't attack on his screen, so he doesn't take any damage.
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