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  1. Hey, sorry for the spam of notifications, but I just wanted to say you're damn cool 🎷🎵

  2. Reassuring others. When members of their own community keep shitting on them, it's good for people to see others acknowledging what scaldingly cold takes those are. For every dipshit who thinks it's cool to gatekeep, I want people to know that there's still those out there who recognize that gatekeepers don't deserve anything more than a Wayne's World meme. Hope all the non-SAM aros and aces out there are having a good day! Y'all keep kicking ass!
  3. Yes, in fact, I am a community activist who has spoken at World Pride and an active member of TAAAP. Thank you for asking!
  4. It's more like I respect myself more than to waste my time and energy holding your hand while I explain queerphobia and heteronormativity 101 to you, lmao.
  5. You're supposed to assume that they identify as aro. You DO realize there are bis who have only been in M/W relationships, yeah? You talk about being concerned about marginalized non-hetero identities, and here you are acting like it's up to you to decide who's ~really~ queer or whatever. It's literally none of your business. If they say they're not straight? Then they're not straight. You don't get to decide someone else's identity for them.
  6. No, it doesn't bother me. Why is it any of my business who they are and aren't attracted to? Fuck am I, a cop? If they don't want to label that experience, then they don't have to. I also find it deeply concerning that you would assume they're straight by default...
  7. Um... I mean this in the gentlest way possible, but I'm not sure someone who doesn't experience sexual attraction should be trying to describe it to someone who's wondering if they experience it or not..? I absolutely agree with everything you said about labels being tools for your own expression, etc., as a certified allosexual myself I can say that the experiences depicted in erotica are very rarely, if ever, akin to what I experience, and I don't consider sexual attraction a "visceral" feeling either. The allosexual aromantic experience in particular is very different from the norm, and pretty much never depicted in erotica (yes, this includes "just a hookup" style erotica- it's not something most people think about, but the inherent amatonormativity in a lot of those stories stands out to us like a lighthouse) nor discussions from kink groups, etc. The allosexual aromantic experience is definitely a unique, and lonely, experience, and unless you're familiar with that particular experience it's probably best to leave describing it to those of us who do. Again, no offense intended and I know you didn't mean any harm, but... Yeah. We're not erotica characters. Not by a long shot.
  8. Well, they're just... Different, in that cuddling and sex are different activities. Sexual attraction, to me, is just that- Sexual attraction. If I can't look at someone and think "Yeah, I'd like to have sex with this person", I don't consider myself sexually attracted to them. Can you think of specific individuals, or alternatively a general type of person, with whom you'd actively want to have sex? Not just as in "yeah maybe I'd do it if they asked", but as in "yes, sex with this person is something I want to do". If you can't, you probably don't experience sexual attraction.
  9. Sure. What sort of information are you looking for?
  10. I'll drink your hot chocolate. Gimme gimme 😋
  11. Ashes by the Struts. I listened to it and thought "oh wow this sounds like a good description of DSoD Yugi" and then I listened to it again and heard "I lost my lover-" and I was like. 🔪
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