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  1. I had a nightmare where I was being stalked and chased by the bachelor. I kinda laughed when I woke up because of how aro it was. 

  2. I just recieved my aro flag and it's so pretty and huuuge and I am so happy. It was a pain to have it down and made me really anxious but damn am I happy of the result. It is so awesooooome. I've never felt more proud of being aro. I wanna use it as a cape and wave it in everyone's faces like a queeen ♥

    1. Ace of Amethysts
    2. DeltaV


      That sounds so cool. I'd give something to see you with your flag. xD

    3. Costati


      Maybe I'll take a pic to put it as my avatar. We'll see x) 

  3. Sexuality is confusing :(

    1. Eklinaar


      Indeed it is.

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