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  1. I dated my partner from the beginning of college through to the summer before university, which basically means a year and a bit. In retrospect, I see that the way we viewed the relationship was very different. Even though we were both happy and had a mutual breakup upon realising it was getting to be a chore almost, I don't think i experienced the same romantic feelings for them. Before we had started dating, we had started talking over text because we were both uncomfortable ( we're both ace) with the conversation in the friend group. I enjoyed having someone new to talk to who shared similar experiences and interests, and would get excited to talk to them. A friend interpreted this as a crush on both our parts and I kind of went along with it even though I had never actually had a 'crush' as most allo people describe them. We started dating a couple weeks later and i had asked them out because it half felt expected and because i just really enjoyed their company, which is something i struggle with. Now throughout the relationship I was happy, but I admittedly kind of treated it like being best friends (PLATONIC i spent like 10 minutes thinking of the word) but i got to be gross and sappy about it. which sounds like romance to some i guess? but I wanted to do the same stuff for my other friends but i wasn't dating them so it would look weird if i gave them roses and hand made them presents and took them to doctors appointments and spent all my time with them i guess My partner definitely had a more romantic view? but I did really care about them and that showed through and was probably read as romantic. I didn't really start questioning anything until about a month before we split up and only realised after the fact.
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