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  1. In advance: I've started identifying as an aro only recently so I'm still new to the terminology that is used within the community. I'm definitely aromantic/somewhere on the aro spectrum. It's taking me some time to accept it but I try my best to come to terms with it and the misunderstanding from others that it entails. The thing is, I realized I still want a relationship. I know I'm unable to 'fall in love' in a romantic way but I am definitely able to love in a way that's not as intense/passionate but still genuine and I would like a special someone to direct this love to. I would also be okay with this someone being romantically attracted to me as long as they would be okay with me not reciprocating those feelings. Is there a label for feeling this way/some labels that I could look into to better understand what's up with me? Also, I'm kind of a cold (?) person in general - I mean, I don't get too excited about things, be it people, events, topics or whatever. I can be focused on something but I'm hardly ever excited. I think I might have dysthymia (I was diagnosed with depression once and I'm going to see a specialist again to look into it more soon) and sometimes I wonder if it isn't the reason for my aromanticism? I know that the fact that someone's aromanticism/asexuality is (partly?) a result of some kind of neurodivergence doesn't make their identity less valid and all that - I just wonder if it wouldn't be something worth looking into to better understand my feelings. Maybe someone here has some experiences with their neurodivergence/mental condition affecting the way they experience romantic (and/or sexual) attraction?
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