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  1. I think I've never been excluded BECAUSE I was single ; it is me who feels excluded. Some couple are very intimate and don't bother showing it in public, so when the two of them start talking to each other only, maybe kissing and ignoring other friends for a moment, yeah it feels like I'm not welcomed. The article is interesting, I like having a point of view that relies on psychology.
  2. Oh my, yes. How many times did I wrote an awesome story with awesome characters, and then when I need a couple to interact, I go "uuuuuuuuuuuhhhh sooooo they...kiss I guess...??" I stopped writing one of my best works because of it. :'(
  3. Thank you! Those emojis are the best idea Smol Peridot is best Peridot. Comment dire que tu es la première aro française à qui j'aurai l'occasion de parler. Come at me sis <3
  4. Hi everyone! I managed to be brave enough to talk to you! So for the presentation : I'm 18 years old, from France (my english might be terrible or very basic, sorry about that heheh) and I study Art History & Archeology, with hope that one day I'll be able to work in UK or in any North Europe country. I love movies, series, fantasy, BOOKS, CATS, writing and drawing my awkward characters. I'm a Hamilton trash and my sword goes to the Alliance. About aromantism. I discovered what it means maybe 2 years ago. Less than 1 year ago, I began to seriously think about it as a thing for me ; at that time I had a boyfriend (the first one and last one for now) and I quickly realized that that situation made me ill-at-ease. I'm still at the wondering phase but the more I think about it, the more I relate to aromantism. It includes many different feelings : sometimes I'll think « I'm so glad to be aro, that is perfect I'm so happy with myself » aaaaand sometimes it will be more like « my whole life will be a disaster, does aromantism even exist omg » and so yeah. The title says the truth : I've been looking for a community like this for MONTHS. When I'm really low for thinking about romantism, sexuality and stuff, all I wish is that I can talk to someone that feels the same. I came out to only one of my friends yet, he was very comprehensive but still, did not understand what « no romantic attraction and no need for it » meant. I'd love to chat with you about anything, and I hope to befriend! Please feel free to come and talk, ask questions about anything, or just make puns (that I probably won't understand due to language barrier)! <3 Thanks for reading!
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