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  1. I would have no problem being a step-parent as long as my partner understood that if they ever wanted another it would not becoming out of my body (of course I don't know what anatomy my future partner would have so this may or may not be a moot point), but the only thing concerning my body that repulses me more than the idea of having PIV sex is the idea of being pregnant/giving birth. And IVF is even more ridiculously expensive if you have to pay a surrogate to be pregnant for you as well; plus I'm not overly fond of the idea of carrying on my terrible genes or bringing another life into the world as it is. That said, I've always liked kids and am good with them and I think I really would like to foster and/or adopt regardless of whether or not a step-child is in the picture because those kids are already here and they need someone to love and care for them.
  2. Unfortunately, the only A-spec friend I have IRL is 100% AroAce doesn't want anything even remotely romantically coded ever, and I'm not attracted to her like that even if she did either. So while I don't wholly disagree with your statement, I've still got to meet such a person somehow... I'm sorry that you've not had much luck. Maybe I'll have better luck since I'm ok with monogamy and if I were 20 years younger I would be a small child. IDK about the city as a whole's recognition/acceptance, but I have actually met one openly nonbinary person here. They introduced themselves to about 10 people at the event we were attending with their birth name, preferred name and their pronouns and nobody batted an eyelash. I'm not nonbinary myself, but that at least does give me some hope that people around my age group will be open to accepting less common identities. The problems I've heard of that I think I'm most likely to encounter is that apparently a decent amount of people think it's uncommon for women to message first; and people who just wait for messages tend to get less activity as a whole, so they recommend messaging them first. But I know that what I'm looking for is not everyone's cup of tea, and so I may be stuck with the dilemma of messaging the select few people who sound like they're looking for something similar(if they even exist at all) and otherwise being a sitting duck or preparing for a lot of being ignored and/or rejected.
  3. Well, I don't necessarily have to have a polyamorous arrangement. I just thought it might make it easier to get closest to what my fluctuating orientation wants. Basically, to have only one partner and satisfy my fluctuations they'd need to be an also asexual or ok with a sexless relationship for whatever reason genderfluid person whose gender fluctuations are in-sync with my romantic fluctuations and is also ok with backing off with the romantic stuff entirely when I'm Aro. I think I probably have greater odds of winning the lottery. Alternatively, the next closest thing with one partner is finding someone (I guess preferably female, because although other women aren't the only gender I can be attracted to for some reason orientations that include attraction to them tend to stick around the longest when I'm alloro) who is ok without sex always and with very minimal if any romantic stuff when I'm not attracted to them. Which I suppose might be tolerable if it were for only a few days, which sometimes my shifts are, but other times they've lasted for months before changing. I did enjoy the personality quizzes and matches based on that when I used OKCupid the first time. And I did investigate enough to know they've added a lot more ID options since the last time I visited; I especially appreciate the I don't want to see or be seen by straight people option. I found the asexual dating recs by digging through an old AVEN thread, and it was one of the top sites they recommended. I'm just kinda at a loss for what to put I'm looking for. New friends are great and all, but choosing that's what I'm looking for doesn't exactly convey a QPR type relationship...long term relationships is closer but possibly a bit too romo at least some of the time...I guess you're right about the instability thing so scratch the casual romance thing which is just as well because the short term dating option probably has too sexual a connotation anyway. I realize that most of the users on here wouldn't be offering the kind of relationship I'm looking for, but I just wondered if they'd seen others looking for at least semi-platonic relationships so I'd know if that was a thing on there.
  4. Background: I'm Asexual, and sex is totally off the table in any relationship I might pursue. My romantic orientation is fluid--sometimes I'm completely Aro; sometimes I'm alloromantic, but even when I stay consistently alloro for a while my orientation within being alloro can change. Since being Aromantic is one of my most frequent shifts, what I really want more than anything is a QPR. I don't think I would do well in a regular romantic relationship because they'd probably want to do romantic stuff that I'd be uncomfortable with when I shift into an orientation that doesn't include attraction to their gender(including but not necessarily Aro). The problem is, when I'm not Aro I crave the sort of romantic stuff that somebody who signed on for a platonic relationship probably wouldn't be comfortable with. I know that QPRs can be polyamorous, but is there such a thing as casual romance–like FWB but romantic and/or sensual things instead of sexual things? Kinda on that note, I have done a bit of research about where to go looking for asexual relationships (the specific sites are mostly deserted/not frequently active) and polyamourous relationships (most of the specific sites are too sexual in expectations) but the one site that came up in both searches was OKCupid(Which I have used, but it was years ago back when I still thought I was straight, ). Has anyone ever used and/or seen others using it to find QPRs and/or "causual romances"? Alternate suggestions also welcome.
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