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  1. I'm an Aromantic also and I don't really fit into the things either with the "you might be aromantic if" or "your an aromantic if" kind of stuff. LIke for instance this thing I found on one of them "You find romance boring, annoying or upsetting when it appears in fiction, even if it’s written well". I happen to like the romance that I see in books or movies and I don't find it annoying or upsetting. I happen to still be in high school as a senior though and in my school most people accept gays, Lesbians, and bisexuals but they don't accept aromantics or asexuals. So the people that are aromantic or asexual have to hide who they are from people while being tormented by people teasing and bullying them just because they are still a virgin or they have never had feelings for a person before.
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