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  1. I sent them a text and they said they would be in a qpr with me :D
  2. I have a oc named Gregory who I thought I would be really good friends with
  3. I always thought I was the only one was never saw "the look" that a character gave to a love interest. my mom is very into romance movies so I get forced to see a lot of them.
  4. I have a friend I want to be in a queerplatonic relationship with but I don't know how to tell them. I need advice. do I just go up and say something like "hey... I want to be in a queerplatonic relationship with you" or do I send them a text?
  5. I like drawing and reading I'll be sure to check out your books :D
  6. I wouldn't say fantasies but I always wanted to be friends with some of my oc's like in a queerplatonic relationship with them so I kinda relate to what you are saying
  7. true! I love raspberry cheesecake SO MUCH :D TPBM likes popcorn
  8. I haven't come out but I my sister has (she is a lesbian) she says if you are gonna do it do it when they are happy and not aloud a whole bunch of family (hope this helps) *around I can't spell
  9. @Karst that was actually really helpful I think I'm going to try that thank you.
  10. I'm super confused about this I've never had much attraction to anyone. and everyone I've told I am on the spectrum tells me I haven't found the right person yet. and I'm not sure if they have a point or if I should ignore them.
  11. so I have had very little romantic attraction. but lately I have started to feel something for one of my friends. I think might be like queer platonic love? I've never felt it before so I'm super confused. my mom describes love as like intense and eye opening. but I always feel calm and at peace around them but it doesn't feel like what I think love would.
  12. my parents have been telling me I'm going to be a "great mom" since I was little I find it a bit weird considering I'm not even an adult yet.
  13. I'm demi to I found it for me kinda depends on the person.
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