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  1. Bruh——I intended to reply but I reported and I can’t find it now. This is my very first time using an English forum, maybe I should learn how it works. But thank you all for helping me🥺 I really appreciate your kindness!! :D
  2. It was not until last week that I got to know about aromanticism. I used to enjoy the idea of romance and love. Back when I was in high school, I had a crush(I thought it was crush but I’m not so sure about it now) on a boy, but I can’t stand the idea of being in a romantic relationship with him and of course, I didn’t do anything to get approach to him, after a few months the feelings naturally faded away. In college, I saw another boy in a debating competition, I felt attracted by him but I still didn’t do anything, I don’t even know his name yet. I think these manifest that I was Lithromantic. Other than the only two boys, I tried to flirt with other boys. To be fair, I’d rather call it “observing”, I found it interesting to see how people flirting and stuff, I knew I’m not attracted. My current state is that I enjoy being alone and I plan my career and life without a partner in it. But you see, many aros don’t like or care about the idea of romance or love, but I did, I thought I understand it. Do I understand it? It’s so hard to tell
  3. I‘ve been confused for so long because I do have fantasies about me and some random guy being in a romantic relationship, he maybe some celebrity or just a fictional person in my own mind. That’s why I never thought about me being aromantic. But I realize whenever I have those fantasies, I’m with the person I don’t really know, and I can’t imagine like kissing, cuddling or anything with anyone I know irl. I thought I was just being superficial and it’s because none of the people I know is tall or handsome enough. But I do met someone tall and handsome enough, and he said he likes me, this is when I felt something wrong, I said pls don’t, and we never talked again. This happened several times on several boys. I’m still having those fantasies, with boys in my mind, and I still can’t really get into one relationship. I wonder if I’m aromantic and if I’ve been fantasizing with myself all this time.
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