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  1. I have never thought of it that way before...Leaders? Probably. I will try my best to find good people to befriend. I am glad you're doing better now. Yes I will look for opportunities to make friends. I'm not giving up!
  2. Thank you. Okay I will share my art and I would love to see your art too!
  3. Thank you so much for this advice! I will definitely find new people. You have made me feel better!Thank you!
  4. So I'm a very shy and anxious person. I have no friends in real life. I have a couple online friends. I get ignored on the Internet. I get made fun of a lot too. Like I will be out shopping with my family and random strangers will stare at me like I'm really wierd. Yesterday I was in the store and someone said she's a retard then laughed. I wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary. Just speaking with my mom. Anyway I've been bullied in elementary to high school. It was horrible. I was in special education classes. The kids in those classes would ignore me and stare at me wierd. I've been bullied for the way I dress. I like the Edgy rocker kind of clothing style. People have said I'm trying to act white. They made fun of my clothes every day. On the Internet I've been ignored by people when I was just trying to have a friendly conversation with them. I have a hobby of collecting dolls and I've been on forums for collectors trying to find friends. But even those people ignore me and stay away from me. I joined a Discord for asexuals people I chatted with a few people but they weren't interested in being friends. I posted a picture of my artwork but it was completely ignored and got buried in the chatroom. I don't understand. I feel like I cannot fit in with anyone else, not online or in real life. I can't fit in with other black people, I can't fit in with people with disabilities, I can't fit in with other asexuals, I can't fit in with the Edgy rocker crowd. Sorry if this post is too long. I just needed to vent. Not that anyone cares.
  5. It's great to have you here! Welcome! I like anime and manga also. I'm aromantic asexual. If you want to chat or need help just message me.
  6. I always have been very shy and socially anxious. Any close friendships I have had, have been over the Internet. I think allos dont place any importance on friendships. They just are very quick to leave a conversation. The internet friendships I have had usually ended badly with the person calling me clingy or talk too much or calling me a harasser. But I just have a strong need for very close friendships.
  7. I have never been in a relationship. I wasn't ever interested in dating. No one ever asked me out either. It doesn't matter to me though. I am aromantic ace .
  8. I am aromantic and asexual too. I feel extreme loneliness daily. I have zero friends in real life. It makes me really depressed. If you need someone to talk to you can message me. We can be friends if you want.
  9. Wow I have never experienced any of that I'm sure I'm asexual now. Thanks I will read this.
  10. I love anime so much! I love watching the Precure series. Currently watching the English dub Glitter Force on Netflix. I love how it focuses on friendships. There is ZERO romance! Yay! My favorite characters are Chloe and Lily. Is anyone else a Precure/Glitter Force fan?
  11. Thank you for the advice. This is helpful.
  12. I am aromantic. It makes me really happy and relieved to know this about myself. I feel like myself now. I was wondering if do you think it is necessary to come out to others? I want my family to know But I know my older sister hates lgbt people. I think my twin sister would be accepting. My mom I think she wouldn't believe me. (she never believe anything I say Is this a bad idea to come out? Should it stay a secret forever?
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