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  1. like the title says, I'm not really sure if I'm aromantic or not? it's kind of late at night while I'm writing so please excuse any slip ups pretty much, I've recently entered my third relationship. i thought i was ready to be in a romantic relationship this time (thought i just wasn't prepared enough emotionally before) but it just feels like the ones before? my partners wonderful, and i love hanging out with them, but any time they refer to me in a romantic kind of way i just feel...upset. like it doesn't sit right in my stomach. this happened the two other times before, and now it's got me wondering if I'm actually just aromantic? each time, this most recent one included, i thought i had a crush on these people but in hindsight i think i just wanted to be their friend more?? it's confusing im thinking about talking to my partner about it, and maybe bringing up the idea of being a qpr rather than a strictly romantic relationship. it just feels better in my mind, i think sorry for the rambling, though! if anyone has any advice from their own experiences, id love to hear it. figuring out romantic attraction is,,,hard
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