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  1. PSA: Don’t let society tell you that there’s a wrong way to love. If you are all happy with the arrangements put into place, don’t let society tell you that your love is wrong or inferior. Even if it’s not even close to the way movies and books say it should feel, and having a relationship like that grosses you out. Love is love. 💛

  2. I've never rollplayed before and would love to try! I'd love it even more if I could find a fellow aspec to do it with. RP is allowed on this site, right? In Arcade, I'm guessing.
    If it is, the scenario I was thinking of is that Character A is in a relationship with Character B, but discovers that they are aro and then needs to come out to Character B. I'd prefer fandom based like maybe Harry Potter, but if you wanna try it tell me a fandom/characters you're interested in and we can try and make it happen!

  3. I'm so happy! I finally figured out how to write status updates! For some reason the option was only showing up on my phone and not my iPad? Probably cause I'm using voiceover but meh...
    I'm just glad I finally figured it out. Having status updates be an option you can toggle seems a bit odd to me but I'm sure the devs have their reasons.

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