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  1. "they" are usually the one portrayed as the female in the relationship when it is broken off. idek, i feel like being salty XD. I should have been more specific as to what I meant. i was really tired XD.
  2. That's interesting! I get butterflies in my stomach when I'm talking to someone, trying to make friends with them.
  3. I'm afraid that my friends will think I'm too clingy and affectionate and one day they'll all leave me.
  4. How does one become a certified couch potato?

    1. Ace of Amethysts

      Ace of Amethysts

      By attending Couch Potato University, of course!

  5. why they act like their cat was just stabbed in front of them and then got pepper sprayed in the face EDIT: why did I write that
  6. Exxxaaaccctttlllyyyyy. I know the feeling. I just wanna be friends with everybody!!! I have lots of friends that I brainstorm and chat with, and I love friends that are like siblings. Though, it sometimes sucks when I tell one of my friends I love them, and then I have to say 'platonically' or they'll get the wrong idea. Still, friends are great!!!
  7. I believe so we are such weird people, and it's great!
  8. Ditto I just... I love being friends with people! I got a squish on this guy because of his Pokemon hat, and my friends were so confused...
  9. I think I'm getting way too into this website fore my own good, honestly. I'm excited for @SoulWolf for being on this website for a year. Who is like that???? xD I amuse myself if I don't amuse anyone else

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    2. The Non-Month May

      The Non-Month May

      np! I tend to notice random things like that without realizing :rofl:

    3. SoulWolf


      So we've got Arocalypse birthdays like one year apart? cool! :P

    4. The Non-Month May

      The Non-Month May

      Yeah! That's gonna be a thing now, at least for me. Celebrating the day I joined this wonderful website XD.

  10. I'm in a QPP with this girl I had a squish on, and it's great! I was terrified of asking her, but she responded just the way I had hoped she would! The way I explained it to her, while relatively incorrect, helped me. I basically told her it was like my way of asking her to be my platonic girlfriend, and even though she already has a girlfriend she was fine with it! It does also help that she was relatively aware of Aromanticism and Asexuality. Just sit the person down, and explain exactly what it is. You have to set certain boundaries, and respect what your partner wants. Also, if the person
  11. I'm what my friends like to call a 'strange little bean'. I love physical contact, and I love cuddling and hugging and being close to people and... yup. Sometimes I'm afraid I bother people, though. I actually haven't seen many other aroaces who enjoy being in relationships and physical contact like I do, so sometimes I feel alone
  12. You might be aromantic if you try and 'date' someone, but treat them just like you would a friend. Then, you get confused and break up with them, happy that you're friends again. -.-
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