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  1. I'm 32, I've been in relationships but I can't remember, or say for sure, if I've felt love or romantic atttraction. I dislike the sloppiness and need for romantic validation that is expected when I enter into a sexual relationship. I have been needy, but I'm unsure why this was and it was a long time ago. I cant form romantic bonds though I can commit to a monogamous sexual companionship. Predominantly because Its It's easier to orgasm with someone who knows how to do it and they provide me with someone to do stuff with at a time when most women my age are married with children. When I used to listen to my grandparents talk I never sensed romance from my grandfather, just building an expected life and respect for the opinions and advice of my nan. So I'm wondering if it's genetic and inborn. Or is it due to mental health conditions which cause blunted affect? particularly ptsd which would impact my ability to develop romantic attachments. I'm unsure if I want to feel romance because that's what's normal and I feel lonely, or because of ptsd. I'd really really appreciate some opinions on this from people who knows abd is comfortable with their romabtic identity?
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