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  1. <- I can totally relate to this. :-)
  2. I have kind of a similar friend, telling me not to give up or that I still (too) young. But not in a mean way, I think he's actually trying to reassure me. He's my main source of casual cuddles, so I can't really complain. I guess the important part for me was that he's still there for me and even though he doen't really understand he's trying his best to make me happy and not to overstep my boundaries. When I first told him I was still really confused and insecure, that might be why I was offered advice instead of undertanding. So, when telling someone try to be confident and sure of yourself (which is so damn hard, even when you ARE sure). And don't take it personaly, when people doesn't get you right away (which is even harder). They usually never heard of it before, so it can take a while for them to come around 😉 It might be worth it to bring it out again sometime - you can try sent her some articles. But from my experience- not until you are sure and alright with being whatever you are. Otherwise it only made me sad and insecure again. Good luck!
  3. Whenever someone asked me out, my thoughts were like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FjWe31S_0g
  4. My first F in middle school was from exam about weddings :-D
  5. Hey, just wondering. Is there onyone from Czech Republic or somewhere close? Najde se tu někdo z Česka? :-)
  6. This is really cool She seems awesome, I have to look up more videos :-)
  7. Yeah, exactly! Thats so not fair. One of my best friends started dating like 4 months ago and I practically haven´t seen him ever since (we used to hang out every weekend). Why is suddenly some random girl he knows few months more important than 4 years of solid friendship. I´m partly mad and partly sad
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