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  1. Oh hell yess. The problem I have always had with Johnlock is that a vast majority of the shippers oversexualized it constantly and that always pissed me off. But because of recent things happening, as well as what we've seen of John and Sherlock's relationships and canonical info, the two having a QPR is the most logical and my favorite outcome. Sadly, most of the fandom obsessively ships them romantically and sexually so there's no real way of getting the idea of a QPR through to them. A few aro/ace headcanons that I have are Jake English and Tavros Nitram from Homestuck. W
  2. @James Oh there's nothing wrong with Paul McCartney. It's just that he's hella old now and choosing him showed how much of a noob I was in the realm of celebrity crushes. Also the fact I had no attraction to him whatsoever; I just liked the Beatles and their music.
  3. I remember when I was in 4th grade and the Twilight series was still quite popular (my mom still loves it to this day shame on her), there were some graphic novel renditions made of the first book. I would read them obsessively (I thought they made me look more mature rip) and I even brought them to my school, which thankfully didn't end with someone telling me I needed Jesus. But it wasn't the romance aspect I enjoyed, oh no. It was more the story and the characters that I liked. Heck, the romance was barely noticeable to me. Another thing that's been happening for as long as I can remem
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