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  1. It's not really that I don't feel comfortable pulling them aside, I just don't have a time that I could easily do it. I don't really know why I want to cone out to him, but it's really important to me that I do. I'm low key confused.
  2. So I've been out to most people in my life as ace aro for a few months now. However, I have this one friend who I'm not super close with who I'm not out to, but I really want to come out to. The issue is that I'm pretty scared to do it and I don't know how to bring it up specifically without it being very awkward. We don't talk alone much, so that complicates things. Please help.
  3. Any advice on how to tell the difference between strong platonic attraction and QP attraction?
  4. I almost accidentally got a girlfriend one time.
  5. It didn't work out. She said she'd be more comfortable with a regular friendship for now but would consider it in a year or so. I'm just glad to have it settled and that asking her didn't change her wanting to be my friend.
  6. I'd tell my younger self about being ace/aro because there was a lot of stress and fear for me surrounding romantic relationships when I was younger. There were a lot of kids who wouldn't believe me when I told them that I didn't like anyone romantically and some who said there was something wrong with me. I'd also tell myself not to sweat the little things.
  7. I'll get to talk to her this Wednesday! Thanks for your support!
  8. Guys I finally asked her and she said she would definitely consider it and that she wanted to talk in person about it! So that's a solid maybe!
  9. I've only ever identified as being ace aro, however I've lately started wanting a girlfriend. Not for anyone in particular, just that I want one. I know that there can be romance positive aros who want relationships, but can you still identify as aromantic and want to date a specific gender? I've still never had a crush before and don't feel like I will.
  10. Thanks for the help! I plan on asking her soon.
  11. So specifically in my situation, my squish is newer, we've only been friends for a few months now. However, I already know her quite well and really want her to be my QPP. I think that it probably would work out well and that I could ask her now. Do you have any advice on how to ask her?
  12. 😆That is an amazing idea. BE GONE EVIL CUPIDS! WE ARE IN NO NEED OF YOUR SERVICE!
  13. Hi there! Welcome to arocalypse.
  14. I've always been anxious about the prospect of having to get married or to date someone. As a kid, I wanted to marry my best friend, not because I was in love with her, but because I wanted to live with a close friend. I have always been kind of uncomfortable around romantic things and cringed at them in stories. I've never looked for romantic emotions around me and am oblivious to them in general. When I came out to my parents, they weren't surprised. After reading Percy Jackson, becoming a Hunter of Artemis seemed amazing to me. The idea of swearing off romance to go spend my life with just my friends out in nature going on quests sounded perfect to me. Games of truth or dare always made me nervous because of "The Question". Aka, who do you like? If you said no, no one believed you. I always dreaded that. My friends started having crushes and getting into relationships, but I never did. I guess I've always inherently know that I was asexual and aromantic.
  15. Being asked who you like and having people not believe you when you say no one. Always being afraid that one of your friends will fall in love with you. Having people think that because you're aro, there must be something wrong with you. Having nobody around you to relate to. Feeling responsible for educating people on your identity. Dealing with a romance and sex obsessed society, then having people complaining about you talking about being ace or aro. Okay that was pretty long. I just needed to vent.
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