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  1. @Holmbo have you talked to your parents yet? I'm in almost the exact same situation with my parents. Once the conversation is going it might be fine, but I have no idea how to start it because they never ask me about relationships. Anyone got some good lines to break the ice on this one?
  2. My friend made me a Valence Electrons Day card (not sure if they made up the name or saw it somewhere) on valentine's day and wrote about how much our friendship means to them. I kinda like the name because friends are around you in the way electrons are around a nucleus of an atom
  3. Doesn't seem weird to me. New friends are still friends and you should hang out with whoever you want to hang out with, especially on your birthday.
  4. What do you think about aro visibility within LGBTQIA+ events and conversations ? I see a lot of "love is love" themes supporting not-straight sexual and romantic orientations which I am so behind! Do you think we need to expand the popular view of what love is and can be? I don't want to take away from the work towards acceptance that is still very necessary for queer and trans allos by making it not about love. Do you find that the focus on romantic and sexual love (of all not-straight orientations) makes visibility efforts trickier for aros/aces? I also have a lot of other privileged identi
  5. Remember too that you are just their friend, not a therapist -- try not to feel guilty for not being able to solve your friend's problems. One of the best things about recently discovering I'm aro is that I have taken the pressure off myself to find a romantic partner. This is allowing me to realize that a lot of the reasons I thought I might want one were because of what seems normal in society. And then I realize that I'm actually quite content being single! Your advantage here in being aro is that you probably have a better idea of society's expectations of romanticism being di
  6. Nothing wrong with identifying as ace/aro, even if you think it could change. It can seem wrong because maybe someday you (or I) will feel attracted to someone, but using a label for your experiences up until now is totally valid. I've found it to be a helpful way of understanding and communicating my experiences and finding others who share them! Have some ace cream *ahem* ice cream
  7. I think I have, but it's usually not very intense or long lasting. Sometimes after seeing a movie I'll be super into a character/their actor for a bit, really admire them and want to know more about them. Usually it goes away within a few days because I would never actually have the chance to meet them. Not sure if that counts? But maybe there's a spectrum of intensity of squishes so they're just really mild ones
  8. I definitely want to have kids, but I'm afraid being a single parent will be really hard. Also not sure if I would want to have biological kids, because pregnancy/birth/newborns would be a lot to handle on my own, even with help from friends and family
  9. every game of "never have I ever" there ever was
  10. YMBAI you started identifying as ace and then were like how do all these ace people have relationships?... and then read this post about ways YMBA and found a lot of things that you identify with just me? haha
  11. I really relate to a lot of those feelings.
  12. Hello hello, Recently I did some perusing of aven & reddit and decided (after deliberately not thinking about it for several months) that aromantic is a label that fits my experiences so far. Like when I discovered I was ace, my first reaction was disappointment, because sex and romance are so highly valued by society/so many people I know. But it is comforting to find community. And also I saw you guys have ice cream which is yummier than cake IMO. So here I am! Yay for more clarity and self-acceptance!
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