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  1. sameee. i didn't even realize i thought this until i read your post. when i was in my ill-fated relationship, i was completely fine with the other person wanting to sleep with other people. they on the other hand, wanted me to be jealous and were generally weird about, saying that they'd feel guilty about it unless i was also having sex with other people. like what. yeah, they didn't understand asexuality at all.
  2. Kissing is absolutely disgusting and I feel every movie/TV show/ad/book lied about gross it is. Hugging is ok. I don't really like that much. Cuddling is iffy.
  3. Never having crushes on anyone, even after thinking I was a lesbian (not a girl, don't actually like girls that way). Thinking crushes were a decision you made. Not getting why people liked to whine about being single (I still don't get that one).
  4. I like to headcanon Anna from Frozen as aromantic (Elsa is an asexual lesbian), though I might just be projecting. But ok hear me out, it's been a while since I saw the movie. She has an idealized view of romance, like most Disney princesses. But when it comes down to it, she actually doesn't know the difference between romantic love and platonic love. She's desperate for attention after being isolated for most of her life and probably just wants someone to chill with, especially after being rejected by sister yet again. Rewatching her duet with Hans (Love is An Open Door), nothing about this song actually feels romantic (actually feels very platonic). It's upbeat and matches Anna's excitement about finding someone who will spend time with her, but it's not a "finding the love of your life Disney ballad". She comes across as immature and naive about love (insisting to Kristoff that's it's true love), though part of that probably does come from the fact that's she's a sheltered 18 year old. This is most evident in the scene where Olaf helps save Anna from freezing to death. She even admits "I don't even know what love is" and then immediately goes on to concludes that Kristoff must love her (a guy she's known for one day vs. like 2.5 days). I think the only time where she really is certain about loving someone is when she says "I love you" to Elsa. Plus, all of her interactions with Kristoff (the surprise love interest) come across as more platonic than anything and they feel forced as a couple, especially after the movie goes on about how love at first sight isn't real and that you should get to know the other person more. Anyways, that's my longwinded crackpot about aromantic Anna
  5. Frustration about being aromantic? I know everyone gets tired of that trope of angsting about how queer you are and how everything sucks, but I'd still like a story where an aromantic character does struggles with that aspect of themself in relation to the rest of world. It can be lonely when you're left of out of romance (not that you want it) when romantic love is a major part of society and culture. I also want close relationships are that explicitly platonic. Plus, I'd love to see a character just point-blank come and out and say "hey I'm aromantic". Also aromanticism in relation to asexuality and the rest of the LGBTQIA community and how they mesh together or don't at times.
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