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  1. For the longest time I just wanted it to be me and one best friend. Who this best friend might be changed over time, at first is was my brother, then it was a different person, and then those two started dating and long story short, I don't talk to either of them. But my new best friend suggested the idea of him and his girlfriend/future wife and I getting a place together, and that actually sounds better than my original plan did. It would be so perfect.
  2. *squees* Oh, gosh, all you people! ^__^ How lovely it is to stumble into a bunch of people who think these things I have thought for years that none seemed to understand! How freeing to hear (read) some of you talking about relationships that actually make sense to me that remain within the romantic orientation that I identify with! I sometimes felt I would be somewhat of an outcast in this community for what I saw as "falling in love". See, I've always just assumed that what allos do is 99% infatuation mistaken for romance due to media representation, and that what I thought made sense w
  3. Thank you very much, for your advice and your welcome! I don't really have my writing up anywhere yet, but I'll definitely let you know when that changes! Thank you! Thanks!
  4. Wise people who describe my heart, please if you can, tell me, what is the difference between this and romance? I can't tell if what I have for a friend is a crush or a squish...
  5. That's my response too. I remember a friend said, trying to use this as an example for something else, "If your brother was spending a lot of time with a single girl, wouldn't her girlfriend feel uncomfortable with that?" To which I responded, "If she did, I would be very, very angry with her. If she doesn't trust him enough to be okay with him doing that, she has no freaking business dating my brother."
  6. Hey guys. DH here. I'm a Christian, feminist, writer, artist, 19-year-old demigirl. I'm usually really cheerful and positive, but that's probably not the side you'll be seeing much of... You see, for years I've been a confident, proud aro-ace. I'm still solid on the ace part, but the aro thing has been challenged in some odd ways lately, and I can't seem to figure myself out. Nor can I figure out the rest of society. I put my romantic orientation down as "aromantc/grey-quoiromantic/demipan/confused?!?" because the logical side of my brain says "Romance makes no sense. It's unfair, illogical,
  7. THIS! Sorry friends, but I have some unpacking to do. So, to start, let me say that I'm really restrictive about who I consider "Best friends". There's only four of them, and one of those is my brother. So, my brother and my other oldest best friend, we'll call her Pearl, didn't really get along at first. Well, two Christmases ago, that changed. Last year they started dating. Now, lots of things weren't going great, and it didn't help that we were all living in the same tiny apartment (their dating is chaste, by the way, so I didn't have to worry about THAT), but Pearl, who had alrea
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