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  1. i just posted a survey in the visibility, articles, and meetups forum. it'd be great if yall would take it and share it with ur friends! 

  2. I haven't been on here in a while and this is kinda unrelated, but I figured out my gender! I'm so happy 😊😊😄😄😁😁

    1. Mezzo Forte

      Mezzo Forte

      Congrats! Gender is tricky enough pin down when talking binary identity, so I could only imagine how fun the questioning process can be when you're nonbinary. 

    2. Zae


      Yay, congrats!

  3. i hope i ace my finals next week

    1. owl


      good luck!

    2. paporomantic


      You'll definitely do! An ace can't do otherwise! Focus on the preparation and you won't even need luck, will take them down by pure skill :cake:

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