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  1. Solo polyamory means that someone has multiple intimate relationships with people but has an independent or single lifestyle. They may not live with partners, share finances, or have a desire to reach traditional relationship milestones in which partners’ lives become more intertwined.
  2. I don't find the term "significant other" to be necessarily romantic, but idk, what do I know. I could be wrong.
  3. can an aromantic person fall in love, or is "falling in love" something that makes someone romantic?
  4. I don't even understand what true love is supposed to be. doesn't mae any sense to me.
  5. I've had a handful of squishes, they lasted somewhere between a week and a few months, I've had squishes for both genders and it's just as strong either way. But, I have had more female squishes than male squishes.
  6. well, I'm not that, so that means I'm aromantic, right? finally, a real answer to my pressing question!
  7. a-cafe is coming out should be in january. this link is their discord server, if you want to follow them and get updates https://discord.gg/BPGX654u
  8. So I just read this entire thread and only understand one thing. Does this mean I’m aromantic? LoL! Being alterous is confusing. One thing I don’t get is why can’t two people of opposite gender be close friends and not be romantically invested in each other? I always was looking for a female friend but so many times had romance inserted in some way either by the person or their friends.
  9. you can date whoever you want to. reasons not to date would mostly be to not lead them on. If you don't feel romantic attraction for this person, they might feel like you were deceiving them, if they found out. You might want to tell this person you don't have feelings for them. and also, you might want to tell them how you feel about a qpr. What you're describing about being partners with a best friend but not feeling romantic attraction, that would be a qpr.
  10. I have no interest in nightclubs either.
  11. If you feel crushes and desire for romantic relationship, that would be romanticism yes. Either you would be alloromantic, or greyromantic. Someone greyromantic feels romantic attraction weakly, or rarely, or only under specific circumstances. If for you alterous attraction is the end result of your romantic attraction, then maybe you could identify as alterous. I identify as alterous. I can sometimes feel romantic desire, but it is rare. So I identify as both greyromantic and as alterous. My alterous attraction comes much more strongly and more often then romantic attraction.
  12. unfortunately it's pretty common for romantic partners to prioritize each other over everyone else. Being second best may very well unfortunately happen with this person. I wish I had better things to say than that. I didn't say this at first because of the rule of life, "If you have nothing good to say, it's not worth saying." but then there's the rule of life, "don't let someone with a question go unasnwered." yeah I clearly made those rules up on the spot. I hope you feel important to your qpr, and that even when/if they get a romantic partner, you'll still feel important to them. It's what you deserve. whether or not it will happen, is something we just cannot know until it happens. And we have to kind of embrace the unfortunate truths like this. We have to let uncertain be uncertain. Being able to live with uncertainties like this is important. Be prepared for either result to happen.
  13. The only thing I could find was this site which says a crush can be over in a week. So short crushes aren’t that unusual. I was thinking, feeling short-lived crushes could mean you’re grey romantic, but I don’t actually know. Maybe two day crushes are more normal than not, I don’t know. But my crushes weren’t short lived. I had a crush that lasted a decade. My feelings for my girlfriends all died out after two months after breaking up. I felt liking for them during the whole relationship. So based off my experience, a short lived crush would be unusual. I feel like crushes usually last longer than just two days. And the other thing I’m thinking is, a crush that only lasts two days isn’t something you’d base a relationship off of. if your feelings disappear that quickly, there’s no time to build long term attachment and commitment with them in that time. Other than that , I’m not sure what your question here is. So I hope my thoughts help in some way.
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