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  1. Have been in one relationship years ago. When I was going through a 'trying to be normal' phase. It didn't work out. I felt so suffocated and trapped, was so relieved when it ended. I didn't know aro/aceness was a thing then. I thought, well I might be a freak, but at least I'll be a happy freak and not a sad normal person.
  2. Great thing about being Aro - not having to pretend to like Love Island...
  3. Same here! I don't see my extended family very much, I think they have given up on me now anyway..
  4. .....You would rather pull your own toenails out than watch anything described as A Romantic Comedy .....The thought of sharing a bedroom (let alone a bed) fills you with horror
  5. When you try to hide when anyone at work leaves the job - it seems to be a compulsory thing to give them a hug...
  6. Hi I saw this forum mentioned on AVEN and thought I would come and have a look around! On AVEN I mainly post on the wildlife thread in the older asexuals section. I also love books - science fantasy such as Tolkien / Robin Hobb in particular. I always knew I was different from High School, but only discovered that asexuality was a thing last year which lead me to AVEN
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