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  1. I get really repulsed by the idea of someone liking me. To the point of it giving me anxiety and stress. It kinda sucks. Also I kinda feel bad for it but when my close friends mention romance I feel insecure and upset because I've seen people get so swept up in their romance they forget platonic bonds. It kind of scares me like I'm gonna loose them. Also I can't stand someone putting their arm around my shoulder it just seems waay too close. In media it's more annoying than repulsive, unless it's layed on super thick then it makes me uncomfortable.
  2. I'm getting a suit today for my first prom
  3. I'm Ravenclaw, a tie between Amity and Abnegation, and Aphrodite would be my parent apparently
  4. (I don't know my grandparents middle names so I'll use first) Lord Robert Midnight Boulevard
  5. As I'm kinda in a qpr now, and I wouldn't mind platonically marrying someone. I think it'd be fun, you could have a sleepover every night with your best friend
  6. One of my close friends always has the greatest reaction, before I had completely figured out my identity I told her that I was definitely not straigh and she replied : "I don't care if you fall in love and marry a rock, I'll still come to the wedding, though that'd be a pretty boring ceremony. Also if you marry a rock you'll never feel obligated to shave your legs for someone." It's by far the most funny reaction I've gotten
  7. I hear this all the time from my family, specifically my step-mother. It can get kinda old, though I don't think I'd mind being part of a qpr and platonically marrying someone just for the companionship. But I'm not sure how well my family would take that one
  8. Hi, I'm Rayn, and I am new here. I only recently started identifying as aro-spec, but I'm also ace and agender. Sometimes I find figuring out the extent of my aromanticism is tricky, so I'm not exactly sure where I fall on the aromantic spectrum. Other then that, I like to create art, both visual and through performing. I act, sing, and play with a lot of different mediums like pencil, ink, clay, paint, you name it. I'm an animal lover who has owned cats, dogs, cows, rabbits, horses, and many others. Once I graduate high school I want to go into psychology in college or maybe bot
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