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  1. Thank you for validating how I feel cuz I was gen worried I was going crazy. But I'm really hoping we're both wrong and xer just weird, ;^; I'm not good at talking to them about serious stuff so let's hope things turn out well ; thanks again m8 <3 God's I really hope your right about xem being able to get over the crush with space, because I cannot talk for my life ;^; Thanks for saying you would feel the same too makes me feel like I'm not alone or weird for feeling how I do <3 I'm really hoping this dosent fuck up our friendship, but atleast I know if it does that I wasn't wrong for feeling uncomfortable. Here's to hoping I don't get terror struck bringing it up. Thanks m8 <3 /gen
  2. Hi im 15 and I've recently started to come to terms with the fact that I'm trans, aromantic and asexual! it's been really hard accepting myself and I don't know if these labels will stay forever. What I do know is that these labels make me happy and comfortable right now! And hope being in a place like this filled with people like me will help me accept myself more :))
  3. Hi so I have a friend xer my best friend and I've known them for all 15 years I been alive. But recently I came out as aroace. And they've been making me uncomfy, would any aros say if I'm wrong for being uncomfy in this situation. So this is the second time I came out to him, the first time he kept telling me that maybe I was gray romantic and that I could only like my friends. I look up to them alot so that hurt hearing that they didn't approve of my sexuality. So after that encounter I was worried they were mad at me for saying I was aro and took it back saying I was just confused. But I was so unhappy, I felt like I wasn't really living my truth. So I came out again, this time I mentioned my want for a QPR. They heard that term and ever since then xe keep bringing up, and how they want to be in a poly relationship with half QPR's and half "normal" relationships with sex and stuff. This made me uncomfy because this was right after I mentioned I wanted a poly relationship with QPR's. They also keep asking if aro people can be in a QPR with an allo person (they are allo). I didn't want to lie so I said it's up to the person. They kept asking question like can QPR'S kiss and stuff, again I said yes. That alone would normally just make me uncomfy but I would move on. The problem is he keeps taking about QPR'S and how they want one! I feel like at any moment he's gonna ask me to be his queer platonic partner and it makes me really uncomfy. I dont know how to say to him that I don't want to date him or be in a QPR with them and it's making me anxious and uncomfy around him. Am I wrong in feeling weird about it, pls tell me cuz I'm legit scared to tell him my feelings.
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