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  1. I suppose this is pretty fail story - Two thanksgiving ago, ON THANKSGIVING NIGHT, my dad asked me if I was trans (Shitty timing my dude) I wasn't really expecting to come out to him but I told him I wasn't a boy or a girl. Of course, he assumed I was just confused. Didn't have the heart to correct him when he said "love you anyways, but tell me if you ever decide" and then cried and hugged me a bunch. Like, wasn't terrible but I could have chosen 100 better ways to tell my father i'm agender, most of which including the question NOT being sprung on me on a holiday
  2. I'm currently in the process of looking for new apartments after living with my closest friends for 3 years, so I totally get this. For me I just want to be able to live with someone for an extended period of time, for stability, without them choosing to live with their romantic partner over me. Uhg. I really hope you find a comfortable living situation, moving is stressful, and finding new people to be in our lives is so hard the older we get D:
  3. Only been in 2 serious relationships, and 2 almost-relationships. All long distance in one way or another, which didn't make anything less confusing! Waiting until after youve paid several hundred dollars for a plane ticket to realize you don't like a lot of physical affection is wild For all of them I think I was really more into being someones "favorite person" regardless of how I felt about them. I really liked being adored and Ive only dated people who felt more strongly for me than I them. (I broke up w the first guy when i started feeling he had gotten bored of me, or stopped paying attention to me so much) And if they weren't really all that into me then things usually never went much farther than the "crush" stage. I also used to confused very strong friendship for romance, so when I thought I had a crush on someone really I just wanted to be closer to them as friends usually. I always bought into that "never know till you try it!" rhetoric everyone used to say but I guess after experiencing those relationships I can finally say I don't want a romantic relationship.
  4. Hey, I'm new! I don't know how active I can be as I have a full time job and all (but also i can be terribly shy). I've been struggling w feeling like i fit in/belong and after a quick google search decided maybe I could start here. Living with ppl with romantic lives has really put a drain on me, and I'm trying to carve out my own niche in the world.
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