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  1. That's a tough one mate. Those are traditionally romantic things. I thought i was a complete aro until i was in a situation similar to that. You may just be on the spectrum; it's something to consider.
  2. Hi guys! Please help me, I suck at writing papers and this one is big for deciding my grade in history. I'm suppose to be proving that the war of 1812 was significant with arguable thesis and topic sentences. Any editing help is really really really appreciated! Thanks guys, here it is: Every American knows about the American revolution and its significance. Many Americans forget about the next war in American history, the War of 1812. The War of 1812 might have have less fame and publicity, but it was also very significant in the history of this country. The actions by the British, major American victories and losses, and nationalism born from the War of 1812 were significant in shaping the country America is today. Britain’s actions were significant in that they caused America to go to war, due to their impressment of American sailors, trade restrictions, and supplying natives with weapons to attack Americans. In the years leading up to the war, Britain began impressing American sailors into the British Navy. This kidnapping of American sailors was a major insult to American pride. The significance of this was the first time Americans could claim pride in their country as a reason for war. Britain also inflicted harsh trade restrictions on American trade, cause much anger on this side of the ocean. These restrictions made American traders basically British colonial traders in terms rights, which significance was the lack of our hard won independence. The British also began supplying Native Americans with weapons. This sparked the high tension relation between Americans and natives into a whole new level of fighting. This was significant because the fighting with the natives and the British let the Americans deal with two threats to their ideas of expanding Westward. The War of 1812 included the burning of Washington, the battle of Baltimore, and the battle of New Orleans, all of which were significant in inspiring American soldiers to push for victory in the war. The burning of Washington was a victory for the British, but still very important in American history. The incident was significant in establishing Dolly Madison as a brave heroin figure of the war. She protected the portrait of George Washington to preserve our history for future generations. It also allowed for the rebuilding of a grander capital for America. The battle at Baltimore was a decisive American victory and was a significant factor in how the final draft of the Treaty of Ghent looked. The British planned on using their victory at Baltimore to force the United States to give up land for them to recolonize. The American’s surprising victory ruined this plans and resulted in the borders stubbornly staying where there were. The battle of New Orleans also was an eminently significant event in the War of 1812. Though this battle happened after the Treaty of Ghent was signed, it still had a huge impact on the new country. General Andrew Jackson lead his troops to victory, and thrust him along his career path to becoming president. The victory also helped give politics a one party unity as the Federalists were trying to get out of the nation at the convention when such a great American victory was being celebrated. This made then seem unpatriotic and thus they died out. The battle of New Orleans can be thanked for the following political unity in the country. The War of 1812 was significant because there would not have been the same amount of nationalism, westward expansion success, and our positive relationship with Britain was formed. The end of the war ushered in an era of good feelings. This was a time of rising patriotic feelings and stability for America. This time was significant for American prosperity and culture to begin growing. Another impact of the war was that the Native Americans had lost and were moved to reservations. This was extremely significant as settlers could now spread west and pursue land of their own. It was essential to westward expansion. Another result of the War of 1812 was America’s standing in Europe. Countries finally recognised America as a full fledged country. This had much significant for it lead to the great trade and war partnership between Britain and America that benefited both countries. The British actions, major American victories and losses, and nationalism born from the War of 1812 was significant in shaping the country America is today. Though often overlooked in American history, the effects of the War of 1812 are still significant today. If the war had not happened, there might be a Native American state in place of the western states we have today. Without the war we might still have Federalists as a political party, and Andrew Jackson might never have become president. The War of 1812 was significant in that it changed not only how the world looked at America, but how Americans looked at their own country.
  3. So my best friend and I have been friends for about two years. This year at school (yes, still in high school) our mutual friend began teasing us about being a couple. I wasn't phased by it, but he got really mad when ever she did this. So it turns out that he actually does have a crush on me and so when he asked me out I said sure, because I thought it was more of a joke. but now he's gone crazy and has been asking to kiss me (why do humans even do this) and I don't know how to tell him that I only like him platonically without breaking his heart. He knows I'm aromantic but he's sure that he'll get me to love him. HELP!
  4. YMBAI if you tried to have an actual interesting conversation with someone and everyone else assumes you're flirting because you actually pay attention to what the person said and responded intelligently.
  5. This is the most amazing ending of a story I have ever read \
  6. All the fairy tales I grew up with were centered mostly around romance (every princess ever). So I challenge you guys to write a fairy tale of an aromantic person. Let's see who has the best imagination.
  7. Hi I'm Lizzy, and I live by the beach. I just figured out I was aro a few months ago and thought I would never meet another in my life. So glad I found this places. I have a question, what are those characters people are so fond of for profile pictures called?
  8. My friends love puns. I may steal this for future use
  9. I'm out to my friends and to my friend's mom. A little awkward I trust my friend's mom more than mine.
  10. A guy asked me out and I said yes out of feeling sorry for him. Eventually I asked what love felt like and he was confused. He then kissed me and I broke up with him the next day. It was awful. I second that
  11. For aro week we should dress in the colors of our flag, so spend the week wearing green, grey, white, and black .
  12. What are your awkward parent moments and stories? Mine the fact that I can't come out to my parents because they don't believe in the aro/ace community. They support gay rights and all, but they don't understand the fact that a person can not feel attraction in someway. They wouldn't believe me when I told them my friend was ace. I'm so happy I finally found this website, I'm the only aro in my school and in my family. So nice to know I'm not a freak.
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