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  1. I was in a relationship but I was quite young and only did it out of curiousity. My partner on the other hand, had 'genuine' feelings for me. But in that short period of time I realised I am not the type of person who can partake in a romantic relationship and be able to handle the other's emotions as well as mine. It was too much work and rather exhausting. I have not been in another relationship ever since that one. If I could I would experience it again but my thoughts about it are still pretty much the same. I feel that the only relationship that I have to consider in my life is with my parents and my friends. I am pretty contented with that alone. I don't think I am missing out on much right now.
  2. I would like to express the fact that I am not making assumptions but in fact it is quite reliable to say that asexual aros are considered to be very individualistic people. i don't think I am assuming their personality because i am an asexual aro myself. But I do agree with the fact that talking to each other to find out about likes and dislikes important.
  3. asexual aros are considered to be very detached with their emotions. If you are considering to propose to one a companionate relationship, they expect space and freedom. In order to have a successful relationship with an asexual aro, don't expect much from them nor will they expect much from you.
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