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  1. False. I've been to Singapore a few times because someone from my family lived there. TPBM is a fan of Pixar.
  2. Reading, writing, drawing, in that order. I draw very very rarely, and never for myself because it feels useless. Here's a smol something I drew recently (which means like a month ago) for my friend.
  3. psst you forgot the TPBM for the next person
  4. True!! TPBM has gone on a hot-air balloon ride.
  5. If you enjoy cuddling and hugging, it could be described as sensual attraction. Being aro/ace doesn't mean that you have to hate romance/sex. There are romance-favourable aros, who don't mind romance, but they just don't want it for themselves. Same goes for sex-favourable aces. Also, having a sex drive has nothing to do with sexuality. Everyone has a sex drive, but whether or not you want to have partnered sex is what determines your sexuality (or lack thereof).
  6. False. I don't have any allergies :D TPBM owns lots of plushies.
  7. Pasta, yes. Seafood, not so much. TPBM has had a hot air balloon ride.
  8. Hey!! Good to have you here! It's okay to not know your romantic orientation (or lack thereof); you'll figure it out eventually. And we're here to help you through it! :D
  9. False. But that does sound like a cool idea. TPBM has got speeding tickets.
  10. False. Too loud for me. TPBM has watched Citizen Kane.
  11. YUM! And I'm very surprised to find out that someone knows about it! Chorizo
  12. What you're describing sounds like lithromantic to me. Lithromantics can experience romantic feelings, but they don't want it reciprocated. And if you feel like you're forcing yourself through a relationship, I'd suggest you talk it out, and tell your partner what you're feeling, rather than ending it by making excuses. It will help you both understand what the other thinks about the the whole situation, and it'll be easier to resolve it.
  13. Darjeeling (I'm assuming tea?) and cake, both very much yum! Doughnuts?
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